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2014 Films

Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award

Amazing Grace

7:30 PM
Venue: National Geographic Society

Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award

Watch winner AMAZING GRACE online

Screening of Winner and Finalists

Welcome by Gregory McGruder, VP for Public Programs, National Geographic Society. Introduced by Flo Stone, Founder, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital.

GOOD HABITS IN 60 SECONDS (Brazil, 2011, 1 min.) U.S. Premiere Shows the many ways to change
our relationship with our world – in 60 seconds! By Marlon Tenório.

FIELD CHRONICLES: CHINGAZA - THE WATER'S JOURNEY (USA, 2013, 22 min.) Bogotá’s páramos, a fragile ecosystem that provides eight million city dwellers with water, is under threat from mining, livestock and the pursuit of short-term profits. This film shows how we use nature because it is valuable, but lose nature because it is free. By Peter Stonier, John Martin, Becca Field and Sebastian Perry. Produced by the Conservation International Visual Storytelling Alliance.

Introduced by filmmaker Peter Stonier.

ORDINARY LIFE (Japan, 2012, 6 min.) A family’s standard morning routine continues unvarying each and every day. The consequences of their actions are forgotten. By Tomoya Nakamura and Shoki Watanabe.

THE SILKIES OF MADAGASCAR (USA, 2013, 25 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere Explore the environmental challenges faced by Madagascar’s silk weavers as they attempt to sustain their ancient artisan traditions. They must reverse the devastation of the forests where they harvest wild cocoons and find sustainable global markets to sell their goods. By David Evans.

Introduced by filmmaker David Evans.

HOPE? (UK, 2013, 4 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere A humorous, entertaining, but also educational animated comedy about an encounter between humankind and Planet Earth. A student production by Simone Giampaolo.

Winner, Eric Moe Sustainability Award: AMAZING GRACE (Zambia / South Africa, 2012, 5 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere Offering a brief window into one man’s journey and his deep-seated love for the forests that are rapidly decreasing around Livingstone, Zambia. By Makhalu Productions, Rowan Pybus.

Introduced by filmmaker Rowan Pybus.

Presentation of the Eric Moe Sustainability Film Award to Rowan Pybus by Alex Moe and Andrew Moe, Eric’s sister and brother.

Discussion, moderated by Gregory McGruder, Vice President, Public Programs, National Geographic, with filmmaker Rowan Pybus; Shelley Cohen, Senior Project Developer and Greening Expert at Ameresco and Dianne Dillon-Ridgley, Director, Interface, Inc., follows screening.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

Tickets: $15, General Admission; $13.50, NG Members; available at or by calling 202-857-7700.

National Geographic Society
Gilbert H. Grosvenor Auditorium
1600 M St., NW
(Metro: Farragut North)

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