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Ecopia: Eco-Cities

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2014 Films

Washington D.C. Premiere


lech kowalski (c) revolt cinema

6:30 PM
Directed by: Lech Kowalski
Venue: The Anacostia Community Museum

DRILL BABY DRILL (USA, 2013, 84 min.)

Living in the Anthropocene: The Age of Humans

Washington, D.C. Premiere One day, the people living in a small village in far eastern Poland, an ecologically pristine agricultural area, discover that Chevron, the world's fourth largest energy corporation, plans to build a shale gas well in their village. At first the villagers are not against the gas well, but after doing some research, they discover that having a shale gas well so close to their farms may not be a good idea. The farmers mobilize against Chevron. The story of their struggle is interwoven with the realities that are taking place far away in Pennsylvania. It’s too late to stop the energy companies in Pennsylvania, but can the farmers win in Poland? What happens is a surprise, even to the farmers in this small village of 50 families. Directed by Lech Kowalski.

Discussion follows screening.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No tickets required.

The Anacostia Community Museum
1901 Fort Place, SE
(Metro: Anacostia)

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