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Tale of the Tongs

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2014 Films

U.S. Premiere


SCHNITTSTELLE GmbH THURN - GbR, Marsiliusstrasse 36, 50937 Koln, Germany

7:15 PM
Directed by: Valentin Thurn
Venue: Goethe-Institut Washington

FOOD SAVERS (Germany, 2013, 53 min.)

Shown as part Our Cities, Our Planet

U.S. Premiere This follow-up to Valentin Thurn’s documentary, Taste the Waste, spotlights the people and companies throughout Europe who are working to salvage usable food. It is estimated that European households throw away 100 billion Euros worth of food each year. Thurn asks why is it so difficult to counteract this waste of food? He looks at all points in the food chain, examining why throwing away food can even pay off from a business point of view, although it is a disaster for the environment and the world’s food supply. He tells the story of people who are fighting for a different way to deal with food, from farmers and supermarket executives to normal households. Directed by Valentin Thurn.

Introduced by Wilfried Eckstein, Director, Goethe-Institut Washington.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No reservations required.

Goethe-Institut Washington
812 Seventh St., NW
(Metro: Gallery Place-Chinatown)

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