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Antarctica: A Year on Ice

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2014 Films


Critical Mass

Directed by: Mike Freedman
Venue: National Museum of Natural History

CRITICAL MASS (UK, 2012, 101 min.)

Living in the Anthropocene: The Age of Humans

In 1962, researcher John Calhoun began rodent population experiments to investigate the effects of social overcrowding in enclosed conditions. The results were surprising: the rapid emergence of an elite group of dominant males with aberrant sexual behavior, an increase of 90 percent in pup death, and the appearance of apathetic, asocial, and maladaptive behavior in the succeeding generation. Based on these observations, filmmaker Mike Freedman, enlisting expert opinion from Desmond Morris, Jeffrey McKee and others, explores the impact of human population growth on physical and psychological needs. Directed by Mike Freedman.

Introduced by Kirk Johnson, Sant Director, National Museum of Natural History. Discussion with filmmaker Mike Freedman to follow screening. 

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. Registration is encouraged:

National Museum of Natural History
Baird Auditorium
10th St. & Constitution Ave., NW
(Metro: Federal Triangle or Smithsonian)

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