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U.S. Premiere


A ROAD NOT TAKEN (Switzerland, 2010, 66 min.)

United States Premiere In 1979, in a visionary move, President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the roof of the White House. This symbolic installation was taken down in 1986 during the Reagan presidency. In 1991, Unity College, an environmentally-oriented college in Maine, acquired the panels and later installed them on their cafeteria roof. In A Road Not Taken, Swiss artists Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller follow the route the solar panels took, interviewing those involved in the decisions regarding these panels as well as those involved in the oil crisis of the time. They also look closely at the way this initial installation presaged our own era. Directed by Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller.

Introduced by Jeffrey Stine, Chair, Division of Medicine and Science, National Museum of American History.  Presentation of one of the solar panels featured in the film, now in the Smithsonian’s permanent collection, by Harry Rubenstein, Chair, Division of Politics and Reform, National Museum of American History. Discussion with filmmakers Christina Hemauer and Roman Keller follows screening.

Ticket/Reservation Info:


National Museum of American History
Carmichael Auditorium

14th St. & Constitution Ave., NW
(METRO: Smithsonian or Federal Triangle)

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