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Green Short Films

Submit your own green short film, or a trailer or clip from your longer film (please note this is not a submission to the general Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital)

  1. Upload your film or clip to YouTube
  2. Please make sure to keep your film or clip in one 10-minute or less video
  3. Email the link, along with a photo or screen grab and a short synopsis to:

Fishing the Anacostia

Added to Forum: 3/8/13

Running Time: 12:22

Fishing the Anacostia

Over 17,000 people eat fish from the Anacostia River in Washington D.C. every year. The recommended annual consumption amount for catfish, carp, and eel is zero. Allowances for other fish species are at best, one per month. Decades of pollution have resulted in a buildup of toxins that sicken the fish population. Efforts are underway to return the river to a more natural state and the fisherman themselves are key to addressing the problem.

The Ocean's Super Bowl Commercial

Added to Forum: 3/15/12

Running Time: 0:36

The Ocean's Super Bowl Commercial

Amidst the backdrop of traditional Super Bowl commercials, this beautiful ocean imagery from the National Marine Sanctuaries is followed by a dramatic cut to black, where several seconds of darkness and silence aim to spark viewers to think about what may be lost if the ocean is not returned to health. Produced by Talbot Productions as the result of a partnership between SeaWeb and NBC Bay Area, part of the NBC Owned Television Station Group.

Floating Cities

Added to Forum: 3/8/10

Running Time: 7:04

Floating Cities

Almost a third of the Netherlands lies below sea level, and over the centuries the country has developed a highly efficient flood-defence system. The tragic floods of 1953, caused by a storm surge and exceptionally spring tides, led to a range of modern-day engineering solutions as well as a heightened awareness in Dutch society of the dangers of sea level rise. Presented by European Environmental Agency.

Climate Change in Bangladesh: Who Will Pay?

Added to Forum: 2/2/09

Running Time: 4:58

Climate Change in Bangladesh: Who Will Pay?

In southern Bangladesh climate change is now a reality. Local people are having to adapt as fertile land becomes encrusted with salt, killing crops and fouling drinking water. Millions of Bangladeshis may need to leave the delta as climate change becomes more severe. Second Place, Social Dimensions of Climate Change Award. Presented by The World Bank.

Free Swim

Added to Forum: 3/4/08

Running time: 9:14

Free Swim

A clip from Free Swim, a one hour documentary about the paradox of coastal people not knowing how to swim. Taking place on the island of Eleuthera in the Bahamas we follow a group of kids as they overcome their fears, gain confidence and reconnect with their environment by learning to swim in open waters.

Clean Water for Haiti

Added to Forum: 1/29/08

Running time: 5:47 

Clean Water for Haiti

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