Three Things You Can Do: Dear President Obama

Thank you for coming out last night to see Dear President Obama:Americans Against Fracking in One Voice. As seen in the film clips and heard from the panelists, the negatives of fracking outweigh the positives. An in depth look into the contaminants, victims, science, and solutions prove that fracking may not be the best answer to our energy needs.

Here are three things you can do to get involved:

1) Visit the film’s website to receive email alerts and to see pictures and videos of those affected.

Dear President Obama’s website hosts a gallery of photos and videos from the states that suffer fracking-related environmental damages. Each photo has its own story and emotion. Visitors can also subscribe to emails about the latest fracking news.

2) Sign a petition that stops or limits natural gas extraction from hydraulic fracturing.

Jon Bowermaster’s Dear Governor Cuomo (2012) was part of a movement in New York State that successfully pressuredВ NY Governor Andrew CuomoВ to ban fracking. В By signing petitions and joining anti-frackingВ movements, you can help influence your own elected officials.

3) Join an anti-fracking organization like Earth Justice or Food and Water Watch.

These groups work locally, nationally, and even internationally to ban and restrictВ fracking.

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