Three Things You Can Do: Project Wild Thing

Thank you for coming out to see Project Wild Thing. The message is simple: get your kids outside and moving. The film cites that time spent playing outside is down 50 percent from 30 years ago. Happiness, health, and well-being all benefit from being outside. So instead of tv and video games, run outside, climb a tree, discover an ant mound, or pick flowers. You’ll be happy you did!

1)В Swap Screen Time for WildTime

Download the rainbowriches app for iOS and Android. This FREE app helps parents motivate their kids (and themselves) to get outside and moving. The app lets the user choose the amount of time outside and different activities that kids will love.

2)В Get Your Kids Outside!

The Nature Conservancy offers inspiring stories and tips onВ how to combat “nature deficit disorder.”

3) Turn off the electronics.

A USA Today article found that kids spend more than 53 hours a week on electronic media. That includes TV, cellphones, computers, tablets, and mp3 players. Modern technology has many benefits from education to communications, but kids today are overwhelmed with it.

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