Jammin Jars – The Slotsfighter Slots Review


If you feel like catching the final bit of the summer before it all ends, then push gaming might have the answer you’ve probably been seeking. It’s a special one for all slots fans out there who want something new, something different. Push gaming developed a relatively new collapsing reel slot which is written all over it. With more “fueling” spilling over compared to Berryburst, Jamming Jars is one slots game that has consistently given places players that final hit of fierce heat before each leaf begins to fall, interestingly, even throughout the last part of the season. Our guide will lead you through the entirety of the game, and all you need to know about it.

Jammin Jars – An Overview

The Jammin Jars slot game is a collapsing reel – the cluster pays slot with eight-rows and eight-reels as well as six unique paying slots Jammin Jars symbols. The slots characters are represented by a few colourful, juicy fruit, with each differing in terms of value.

The slots game carries different bets ranging between a minimum of €0.20 and the maximum bet, on the other hand, has a €100 bet size. Remember, this game is a high volatility slots game, which is quite prevalent with the collapsing reels slots in the game. But it does pack a fair RTP of an impressive 96.83%. The max possible win for newcomers is 20,000x.

Jammin Jars Slot – The Features

Coupled with the basic symbols of the game, you also have a wild symbol or Jammin Jar. When it lands, it does what the wild symbols do, and switches to a random direction for the next spin. If it doesn’t land a win, it disappears. However, after each win linked with the wild symbol, it increases the multiplier value. That’s not all; the wild symbol acts as scatters, so when a player gets three Jammin Jars, the slots game switches to the bonus game.

Asides the game bonus, there is also a randomly occurring base game which features rainbow option. What that does is its send a wave of the rainbow across all reels, while adding one or multiple Giant Fruit Symbols, which will ultimately convert different positions which they cover to the fruit symbol of a similar type as you’d see with the Giant Fruit Symbol. The Giant Fruit Symbol is a relatively simple feature which can be found in other collapsible reel slots similarly.

The game’s features don’t show as regular as one would think, though. The game’s bonus is uniquely rare by its looks. Also, getting a single jamming’ jar is an all exclusive event which happens frequently. Though, when it lands and hits the right spot, there’s always a good chance of pilling up a decent win. However, the infrequency of the slots game doesn’t make it a compelling one. All in all, the Jammin’ Jar slots game with an impressive gaming experience for all slots fans – some elements in the game’s entire design seems appealing. At the same time, there are other some off-putting options, though it doesn’t alter the positive gaming experience it offers players.

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