Living Wild

THE ANIMATED LIFE OF A.R. WALLACE (USA, 2013, 8 min.)В The life of Alfred Russel Wallace, who is co-credited with Charles Darwin for the theory of natural selection, is celebrated in this paper-puppet animation.Directed and produced by Flora Lichtman and Sharon Shattuck.

THE FROG PHOTOGRAPHER (USA, 2014, 17 min.)В Conservation biologist, amphibian specialist and nature photographer Robin Moore documents some of the smallest four-legged creatures in the Costa Rican rainforest on the Osa Peninsula, home to 2.5 percent of all the worldв’s unique species. Directed and produced by Thaddeus D. Matula.

PRIDE (USA, 2013, 15 min.)В The cultural relationship between residents of Gujarat, India and the last remaining population of Asiatic Lions in the world is explored in this film. With fewer than 50 lions in the wild at the turn of the 21st century, rural communities worked with the government to create a haven for this top predator and are successfully securing its place in the ecosystem. Directed and produced by Roshan Patel.

STICKY (Australia, 2013/2014, 20 min.) Washington, D.C. PremiereВ A handful of stick insects, the last of their kind, clung to life on a single bush for 80 years. Now back from the brink of extinction, when can they go home?Sticky tells an animated, captivating Australian conservation story. Directed and produced by Jilli Rose.

SILENCING THE THUNDER (USA, 2014, 26 min.)В Every year hundreds of Yellowstoneв’s bison are shot to prevent a disease — brucellosis — from both infecting Montanaв’s domestic cattle herds and collapsing ranchersв’ livelihoods. Will this controversial practice prevent the restoration of Americaв’s last wild-bison population? Directed and produced by Edward M. Roqueta.

Sunday, March 29, 12:00 noon

FREE. No reservations required.

Carnegie Institution for Science, Elihu Root Auditorium,В 1530 P St., NW (Metro: Dupont Circle)

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital