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Cubaв’s environmental advantage: can it last post-embargo?

Cubaв’s Ecosystem, Other Environmental Issues to be Previewed

Tuesday, March 10, 10 a.m. at the National Press Clubв’s Bloomberg Rooom

Cubaв’s exceptionally healthy and vibrant coral reefs stand in stark contrast to the rest of the Caribbean, where half of coral reefs have been lost since 1970. At a Newsmakers news conference on Tuesday, March 10 at 10 a.m.В in the Bloomberg Room, marine biologist Dr. David Guggenheim will discuss how Cubaв’s relative isolation has actually been good for its environment – and the possible negative impacts on Cubaв’s ecosystem as that isolation comes to an end.В  Guggenheim, president of the non-profit group Ocean Doctor, will present a clip-illustrated discussion, Frozen in Time: Cubaв’s Pristine Coral Reefs and Their Future After the Embargo,В including scenes from Gardens of the Queens, Cubaв’s first marine protected area, where he scuba dives with CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper.

This Newsmakers news conference will also present previews from other films that will be highlighted during the 23rdВ Environmental Film Festival in the Nationв’s Capital, which runs fromВ March 17 through March 29. EFF Founder Flo Stone and Executive Director Stephanie Flack will present glimpses of several award-winning films, includingВ Monsoon, Racing Extinction, and Tiger Tiger.

Free to Environmental Film Festival guests.

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