How do I submit a film to the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital?

The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital does not have a formal submission process, nor does it require a submission fee. To have your film considered for entry into the Festival, please send a synopsis and the running length of your film to info@envirofilmfest.org in late summer or early fall. Please note we cannot return screeners.

How can I receive a printed program?

To receive a printed program, please sign up for our mailing list or e-mail arjumand@envirofilmfest.org. A downloadable PDF of the program is also available on FILMS+EVENTS.

What are EFF’s accessibility services?

Upon request, EFF can answer any accessibility questions for any of its programs or can provide a list of subtitled films. Accessibility information can be found on each film’s detail page, which features links to find out more about each specific venue’s accessibility. In addition, at several venues, sign language interpreters can be arranged by EFF free of charge with advance notice. Please e-mail info@envirofilmfest.org for more information.

Please note filming during any Festival screenings is strictly prohibited.

E-mail info@envirofilmfest.org with any questions or comments.

"We humans are a dangerously invasive species. We have a lot to learn and a lot to do if we are to save nature, including ourselves. And we are a visual species. Well-made films can help teach us what we need to know. EFF is a crucial resource, a way to get the right signals to the right brains before it’s too late." – Neil Patterson, filmmaker Darwin’s Natural Heir

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