Fernando BГЎez

Fernando BГЎez Mella, outstanding Dominican film director, was born January 23, 1957 into a family of photographers and filmmakers. His grandfather, Tuto BГЎez, made the first ever feature film in the Dominican Republic. Today Tutoв’s six children are involved in film, television and advertising in his two companies Гљnico Advertising and Unicornio Films.

Mr. BГЎez Mella has held key positions at major television stations around the country as a TV director producer with Color Vision, Rahintel and Channel 13. He has received many local and international awards for programs and television specials.

He is a prolific documentary filmmaker with an obvious interest in conservation work as well as environmental and social issues. His documentaries about the ocean and sea have shown the world the beauty and wealth that lies under water along the shores of the Dominican Republic.

He is currently the president and owner of Unicornio Films, the oldest of its kind in the Dominican Republic. He also owns Гљnico Advertising, Marketing Green.

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