Jose Cohen

JosГ© Cohen is the founder and Executive Producer of Cactus Film & Video, the Mexico City-based production house that recently launched H2Omx.В  JosГ© started in the news business over 20 years ago and his experience as a journalist for international media in Latin America and the Caribbean quickly drew him into the world of documentary production. В Over the years JosГ© has worked on a variety of long format productions for major international channels, including ABC, BBC, CBC, HBO, PBS, Al Jazeera, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and History Channel. В His recent television documentary productions include: Tropic of Cancer presented by Simon Reeve (BBC); The War on Drugs (BBC); and May 5: A day of Glory (Discovery Channel).В  JosГ© has also been the Executive Producer for several independent documentaries, starting with Papalotzin which follows the migratory flight of the Monarch butterfly from Canada to Mexico from an ultralight; and Life on the Line, a story about migrants which won the Jury Prize at the 2008 Al Jazeera International Film Festival. В This year JosГ© and the Cactus team are proud to present H2Omx: a film about the challenge of maintaining Mexico Cityв’s water supply into the future.

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