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Washington D.C. Premiere


Courtesy of Solar Eclipse

6:30 PM

Directed by: Martin Mareček

Venue: Embassy of the Czech Republic

SOLAR ECLIPSE (Czech Republic, 2011, 83 min.)  

Washington, D.C. Premiere In 2006, two Czech electricians, Milan and Tomas, set off for the Zambian village of Mupande. They provided electric power to the local school, clinic and several homes, and bringing the villagers out of their equatorial darkness. Five years later, the two returned to the site of their deed and discovered to their dismay that their ingeniously constructed system is in ruins. With considerable effort, they set to work repairing the damage caused by the villagers’ interventions. The film explores the drawbacks of providing aid to developing countries. Without judgment but with traces of humor, the story also illustrates the disparities of culture, thought and behavior between Africans and Europeans. Directed and written by Martin Marecek. 2012 Czech Film Critics Award and Czech Lion Award for Best Documentary Film, Czech Film and Television Academy.

Introduced by Mary Fetzko, Public Relations and Communications Specialist, Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. For reservations, please email and put EFF in the subject line.

Embassy of the Czech Republic

3900 Spring of Freedom St., NW

(Metrobuses: L2, L4, H2)

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