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Courtesy of Titans of the Ice Age 3D

TITANS OF THE ICE AGE 3D (USA, 2013, 40 min.)

Presented by The Smithsonian Associates 

A 3D IMAX film

Washington, D.C. Premiere Transporting viewers to the beautiful and otherworldly frozen landscapes of North America, Europe and Asia ten thousand years before modern civilization, this film allows us to peer through the 3D canvas to an ancient world of ice at the dawn of our species, a time when man shared the tundra with majestic beasts – from saber-toothed cats and cave bears to woolly mammoths – giants both feared and hunted by prehistoric humans. It marks a dynamic chapter in the development of the human spirit, a great test of survival, a “trial by ice” that would compel our ancestors to seek understanding and meaning in nature. These inventions of art, language, clothing and the taming of fire were tools that civilized the human species. Ironically, our ingenuity would ultimately provide us with the power and knowledge to alter the very forces of nature that once shaped our existence. And the consequences, from species devastation to global warming, have become the greatest challenges in our modern era. The film considers the relationships between the Earth, her resources and inhabitants. Directed by David Clark.

Introduced by filmmaker David Clark. Discussion with the filmmaker and Dennis Stanford, Curator, National Museum of Natural History, follows screening.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

(CODE: 1P0-343) Tickets: $10, TSA Resident Members; $9, Senior Members; $13, General Admission; $7, Children under 10. Please call 202-633-3030 or register online at www.smithsonianassociates.org.

National Museum of Natural History, Johnson IMAX Theatre

10th St., & Constitution Ave., NW

(Metro: Federal Triangle, 12th St. exit.)

All guests must enter through Constitution Ave. entrance.

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