Endangered Rivers

2013 Films

World Premiere

Endangered Rivers

(c) Peggy Fleming

6:30 PM

Directed by: Various

Venue: Sidwell Friends School

Endangered Rivers Program

Shown as a part of the Rivers Program

Introduced by Bob Irvin, President of American Rivers. 

POTOMAC: THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH US (USA, 2013, 27 min.) World Premiere Each of us is connected to rivers in our everyday lives. Most of the six million people living in the Potomac River watershed do not realize that their drinking water comes from the Potomac. Since the Clean Water Act passed in 1972, the health of the river has improved. However, it is still in trouble and faces a number of serious threats: urban development, population growth and runoff from farms, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. The film follows the flow of the Potomac water from its origin, into our homes and businesses and back into the river. We become aware of the need to protect this essential resource and of how our wellbeing and that of future generations is intertwined with the health of the Potomac. Directed by Peggy Fleming. Produced and written by Sean Furmage.

CHATTAHOOCHEE: FROM WATER WAR TO WATER VISION (USA, 2010, 60 min.) The Southeastern United States is a region that used to be known for plentiful rainfall and abundantly flowing rivers. But, for almost 20 years, three states — Georgia, Florida and Alabama — have been locked in a fierce struggle over water. The film looks at the complex origins of the conflict, the challenges to be overcome and some promising solutions. Produced by Rhett Turner and Jonathan Wickham.

Panel discussion, moderated by Stephanie Flack, Potomac River Project Director, Nature Conservancy, with Bob Irvin, President, American Rivers; Hedrick Belin, President, The Potomac Conservancy, Potomac: The River Runs Through Us filmmakers Peggy Fleming and Sean Furmage, and Chattahoochee: From Water War to Water Vision filmmaker Rhett Turner.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE: No reservations required.

Sidwell Friends School

Meeting House

3825 Wisconsin Ave., NW 

Park in the parking structure at 3845 Wisconsin Ave., directly across Rodman St. 

(Metro: Tenleytown/ AU)

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