Winners from 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

NATURE TECH (Austria, 2006, 52 min.)

Will plants teach us to replace gasoline with hydrogen? Could the anatomy of a grasshopper be a model for the ultimate off-road vehicle? Exciting new developments in physics, chemistry and computer technology are now enabling us to understand nature’s designs better than ever before. Scientists are not trying to copy nature—they are taking hints, extracting principles and applying winning designs of evolution in a new, human context. Biomimetics, a way of thinking that uses nature as a starting point for ideas, has opened up startling new possibilities for the future of science and technology in the past decade. Life has existed on our planet for nearly four billion years and, in that time, natural selection has had to solve all the varied problems of life. Nature has to be efficient in the way it processes information and uses energy, so when scientists began to look at nature with biomimetic eyes, it’s not surprising that they started to see entirely new visions for our future. Produced by Steve Nicholls and Alfred Vendi, MR-Film Production for ORF, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation. Best Limited Series.

Introduced by Deborah Rothberg, Public Programs Coordinator, National Museum of Natural History.

Shown as part of the program on 3/16/08 Winners from 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, along with SAVING LUNA, SHOWDOWN AT ELKTOWN, GALAPAGOS: BORN OF FIRE, and TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE ULTIMATE SPIDER HUNTER.

Ticketing/Reservation Info:

FREE, no reservations needed

National Museum of Natural History

Baird Auditorium

10th St. & Constitution Ave., NW

(METRO: Federal Triangle or Smithsonian)

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