Winners from 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

GALAPAGOS: BORN OF FIRE (UK, 2006, 49 min.)

Witness giant Galapagos tortoises, the largest on earth, being groomed by Darwin’s finches; the magical courtship display of the waved albatross and the dramatic eruption of the largest Galapagos volcano, Sierra Negra, blowing smoke and ash seven miles into the sky.This opening episode of the “Galapagos” series examines the fascinating stages in the development of these islands and reveals how creatures have found the most enterprising ways to come to grips with their restless Pacific outpost. Produced by BBC Natural History Unit with National Geographic and BBC Worldwide. Grand Teton Award.

Introduced by Deborah Rothberg, Public Programs Coordinator, National Museum of Natural History.

Shown as part of the program on 3/16/08 Winners from 2007 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, along with SAVING LUNA, SHOWDOWN AT ELKTOWN, TRUE ADVENTURES OF THE ULTIMATE SPIDER HUNTER, and NATURE TECH.

Ticketing/Reservation Info:

FREE, no reservations needed

National Museum of Natural History, Baird Auditorium,

10th St. & Constitution Ave., NW

(METRO: Federal Triangle or Smithsonian)

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