Washington D.C. Premiere


THE CLOUD (DIE WOLKE) (Germany, 2006, 105 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere An accident at a nuclear power plant near Frankfurt throws the country into a panic as a huge radioactive cloud leaks out and drifts toward the small town of Schlitz. Everyone who lives in the vicinity of the plant is instantly contaminated and soon 38,000 people are dead. Those living further away try to flee, including 16-year-old Hannah and her boyfriend Elmar. As law and order disintegrate, they attempt to escape from the danger zone. While Elmar manages to escape, Hannah is held back and contaminated. Yet their love, as deep as it is uncompromising, brings them back together. Elmar visits Hannah in the quarantine section of a sanatorium and discovers that he too was contaminated while trying to escape. While they have no dreams of living forever, they fight for every bit of hope and happiness. In the end they know that a shorter fulfilled life with true love is more than most people ever experience. Adapted from the international best-seller, “What to Do In Case of Fire” by Gudrun Pausewang. In German with English subtitles. Directed by Gregor Schnitzler.

Introduced by Sylvia Blume, Program Coordinator, Goethe-Institut.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

Students & Seniors, $4; Gen. Admission, $6

Goethe-Institut, 814 Seventh St., NW

(METRO: Gallery Place/Chinatown)

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