Chronicling the destructive impact of the modern world on the environment.

NAQOYQATSI (Life as War) (USA, 2002, 89 min.)

Exploring the most significant event in the last 5,000 years of human history – the transition from the natural milieu to the technological milieu – Naqoyqatsi, which translates to “Life as War,” is the final film of the “Qatsi Trilogy.” Contrasting the earthy unity and diversity of nature with the homogenization of technology, the film holds that technology has become the new nature as the living environment, old nature, is replaced by a manufactured milieu, synthetic nature. As humans become one with their new environment, human moorings give way, sending us into the void of technological space. As it consumes the natural world with its infinite appetite, the explosive tempo of technology becomes naqoyqatsi, a sanctioned aggression against the force of life itself, a war-life beyond the confines of the battlefield. The film envisions a world made in the image of the new divine, the computer, and with it the series enters the new visual territory of the “re-animated look.” Directed and produced by Godfrey Reggio. Music by Philip Glass.

Discussion with filmmaker Godfrey Reggio.

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