THE FRIDGE (Czech Republic, 2007, 7 min.)

United States Premiere A man forgets to close the door to the fridge, leading to climate change inside. Vegetables start sprouting daisies and cute little chicks hatch from eggs. A light bulb looms in the corner with the temperature climbing. Will the man return before all is spoiled or will greater calamities ensue? This short animation creatively addresses the crisis of global warming. Directed by Lucie Stamfestová.

Introduced by a representative of the Embassy of the Czech Republic.

Followed by the documentary THE FARMERS (SEDLACI).

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. Reservations required. To reserve, please call 202-274-9100, Ext. 167. For questions, please call 202-274-9105.

Embassy of the Czech Republic

3900 Spring of Freedom St., NW

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