Washington D.C. Premiere


CRUDE IMPACT (USA, 2006, 97 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere In 1956 M. King Hubbert, a geologist at Shell Research Labs, shocked the oil industry by predicting that United States oil production would peak by the early 1970s and then continuously and irreversibly diminish. His vision was vilified and largely ignored—until it came true. In this film, modern day disciples of Hubbert predict how quickly global peak oil will become a reality and its many serious implications for our way of life and our world. This film exposes our deep-rooted dependency on the availability of fossil fuel energy and examines the future implications of peak oil—the point when the amount of petroleum available worldwide begins a steady, inexorable decline. Journeying from the West African Delta region to the heart of the Amazon rainforest, from Washington to Shanghai, from early humans to the unknown future, Crude Impact explores the interconnection between human domination of the planet and the discovery and use of oil. Chronicling the collision of our insatiable appetite for oil with the rights and livelihoods of indigenous cultures, other species and the planet itself, the film highlights the underlying myths and beliefs that are propelling us toward what many experts believe will be a cataclysmic period for humanity. Directed and produced by James Jandak Wood.

Introduced by David Shapiro, Headmaster, Edmund Burke School. Discussion with Eco-coach Anca Novacovici and Bob Kulawiec, Chair, Science Department, Edmund Burke School.

Complimentary fair trade coffee will be provided by Sidamo Coffee & Tea.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. Reservations required. To register:


Edmund Burke School, Samara Theater, 4101 Connecticut Ave., NW

(corner of Connecticut Ave. & Upton St., NW) (METRO: Van Ness/UDC)

Limited parking available at the school’s underground garage.

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital