BATTLE TO SAVE THE TIGER (UK, 2007, 49 min.)

Among the most charismatic creatures on earth and a powerful emblem of India, the Bengal tiger now stands on the brink of extinction. When tiger numbers dwindled to only two thousand in 1972, India responded by banning hunting, outlawing trade in tiger skins and creating safe havens through India’s Project Tiger. For a time tigers flourished, but then the situation worsened. Familiar tigers began to disappear, quantities of pelts were being offered through illegal markets and scientists questioned the accuracy of tracking and counting methods. Why didn’t this disturbing evidence provoke a fresh campaign to save the tiger? This documentary focuses on the findings of three champions of tiger conservation: Belinda Wright, an artist turned undercover skin-trade investigator; tiger expert and activist Valmik Thapar; and whistle-blowing scientist Raghu Chundawat. Battle to Save the Tiger shows how their dogged pursuit of the truth about the tiger’s current situation has brought them into stark conflict with Project Tiger, the government body set up to ensure the big cats’ survival in 1973. Narrated by David Attenborough. Directed and produced by Mike Birkhead. 

Introduced by Chris Palmer, Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, American University. Panel discussion on tiger conservation with John Seidensticker, Senior Scientist, National Zoological Park, and Chairman, Save the Tiger Fund at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Mahendra Shrestha, Director, Save the Tiger Fund, follows screening.

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FREE, no reservations needed.

American University, Wechsler Theatre, Mary Graydon Center

4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW

(METRO: Tenleytown/AU. Shuttle bus service to AU)

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