Washington D.C. Premiere


RADIANT CITY (Canada, 2007, 85 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere Sprawl is eating the planet. Across the North American continent, landscape is being leveled, blasted clean of distinctive features and overlaid with zombie monoculture. The residents of these new communities are atomized into weird anti-communities without local character or social outlets. Focusing on a planned community in Calgary, this documentary offers a compelling look at the world we’re constructing for ourselves. There’s a desperate housewife in the parking lot, a musical chorus line mowing the lawn and a loaded gun in the upstairs closet.

A vivid account of life in 21st century suburbia, Radiant City takes its name from the great modern architect Le Corbusier’s 1935 manifesto that advocated dividing cities into separate sectors for work, living and relaxation. But as the dark era of resource scarcity approaches, suburbia is the worst possible model for urban development:

it overtaxes (donate car for tax credit) our dwindling supplies of petroleum and water. Written and directed by Gary Burns and Jim Brown. Produced by Burns Film, Ltd. and the National Film Board of Canada.

Accompanied by THE DELAWARE PROJECT and part of an afternoon of films at the National Gallery. Other films: PROFIT MOTIVE AND THE WHISPERING WIND, and GARBAGE WARRIOR.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE.  No reservations needed.

National Gallery of Art.  East Building Auditorium, Fourth St. & Constitution Ave., NW

(METRO: Archives/Navy Memorial)

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