World Water Day Tribute

THE STAVE WEIR IN LUCERNE (Switzerland, 2006, 35 min.)

In the midst of the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, where the Reuss River, freshly emergent from the Lake of Lucerne, narrows and gains in tempo, stands a stave weir to oppose its flow yet not always with the same resistance. Sometimes it is wide open, and then again closed shut, always waxing and waning to regulate the lake’s water level to the desired height. The weir has seen it all: flash floods, droughts, fires in town, lives lost and saved, tourists, businessmen, new restaurants and celebrations. While time and technology were prancing ahead all about, this old weir resisted both the waters and modern progress. This cinematic portrait of Lucerne’s 150-year-old technological monument was created to preserve knowledge of this early hydraulic achievement. In English and German with English subtitles. Directed by Nora de Baan and produced by the Museum of History, Lucerne.

Shown as part of the day-long World Water Day Tribute. Welcome by Peter O’Brien, Managing Director, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. Opening remarks by Guest Curator Linda Lilienfeld, followed by: AGUAS CON EL AGUA; UMBRELLA; WATER FIRST; TIROL – LAND OF WATER; THE STAVE WEIR IN LUCERNE; RIVERGLASS; VILLAGE OF DUST, CITY OF WATER; and SWITCH-OFF. The World Water Day Tribute will continue with a panel discussion entitled Global Water Challenges, and the film finale FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER.

At EFF’s Tribute to World Water Day, Island Press will have books for sale from its list of titles on freshwater and ocean conservation. For more information, please visit

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FREE, no reservations needed.

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Elihu Root Auditorium,

1530 P St., NW (METRO: Dupont Circle, Q St. exit)

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital