Environmental Film Festival


***D.C. PREMIERE*** 

Date: 3/22/08 6:00 pm

Venue: Carnegie Institution of Washington


Directed by: Irena Salina

Film Source:

The Group Entertainment

World Water Day Tribute

FLOW: FOR LOVE OF WATER (USA, 2008, 93 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere Water is the essence of life, sustaining every creature on this planet. Without water there would be no life on earth, but the global water supply isn’t just at risk, it’s already in crisis. We can no longer take this precious resource for granted. Roused by a thirst for survival, people around the world are fighting for their birthright. In Africa plumbers reconnect shantytown water pipes under cover of darkness to ensure a community’s survival; in California a scientist forces awareness of shockingly toxic public water sources; a CEO of a billion-dollar water company argues that water privatization is the wave of the future; in India a “water guru” sparks new community water initiatives in hundreds of villages and in Canada an author uncovers the corporate profiteering that drives global water business. With an unflinching focus on politics, pollution, corruption and human rights, this film ensures that the precarious relationship between humanity and water can no longer be ignored. While specifics of locale and issue may differ, the message is the same: water and our future as a species are quickly drying up. Directed by Irena Salina and produced by Steven Starr. Selection, 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Introduced by Flo Stone, President and Founder, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. Discussion with filmmaker Irena Salina and William E. Marks, author/publisher "Water Voices from Around the World" follows screening.

Shown as part of the day-long World Water Day Tribute. Welcome by Peter O’Brien, Managing Director, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. Opening remarks by Guest Curator Linda Lilienfeld, followed by: AGUAS CON EL AGUA; UMBRELLA; WATER FIRST; TIROL – LAND OF WATER; THE STAVE WEIR IN LUCERNE; RIVERGLASS; VILLAGE OF DUST, CITY OF WATER, and SWITCH-OFF. The World Water Day Tribute will continue with the panel discussion entitled Global Water Challenges, and the film finale FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER.

To learn more about Flow: For Love of Water or to view more clips, please click here.

At EFF’s Tribute to World Water Day, Island Press will have books for sale from its list of titles on freshwater and ocean conservation. For more information, please visit www.islandpress.org.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No Reservations Needed.

Carnegie Institution of Washington, Elihu Root Auditorium

1530 P St., NW

(METRO: Dupont Circle, Q St. exit)

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