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ONCE UPON A TIDE (USA, 2008, 10 min.)

Told through the unique voice of Academy-Award winner Linda Hunt as the Storyteller, the narrative is set in a time, not unlike our own, when a spell has been cast causing people to forget about the ocean and its importance to our lives. With this backdrop, we meet a young girl who is traveling to the ocean for the first time. Led by her, we embark on a fantastic journey, where orcas swim through corn fields, scientists talk in rhyme, and the power of dreams help her, and the audience, discover how the ocean touches all parts of our Earth and nurtures our existence. We also learn about dangerous threats to the ocean and its services due to pollution, overfishing and global warming. Upon finally experiencing the ocean in person, the audience shares in our young heroine’s determination to act upon her newfound understanding and we are left inspired to join her in an effort to conserve this all-encompassing natural system upon which we depend. Produced by the Center for Health and the Global Environment at Harvard Medical School.

Shown with HELP! I’M A FISH.

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