BELLY BOAT HUSTLE (Canada, 1998, 6 min.)

A hilarious short about five Calgary men with type-A personalities, off on a weekend of fly-fishing with beer, cell phones and all-terrain vehicles. “A belly boat is a device used for fly-fishing in a lake, kind of like a jolly-jumper that a baby would suspend itself in, only you get to revert back to the womb in this little flotation device in the water.” Choreographed by Nicole Mion, the short is set to a cartoon style score by Calgary composer Dewi Wood. Rumor has it that if you listen carefully, you can pick out the “Row, row, row your boat” theme. Playing the five characters are two dancers from Alberta Ballet, a clown, a fly-fisher man and an individual from the video industry. Directed by Sandra Sawatzky.

Part of the program Selections from Dance on Camera Festival shown with ARISING, MAGNETIC CINEMA, and REINES D’UN JOUR

Introduced by Deirdre Towers, Artistic Director, Dance Films Association, and Carla Perlo, Founder and Director, Dance Place.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No reservations required. This is a change from the printed program.

Dance Place

3225 Eighth St., NE  (METRO: Brookland–CUA)

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