World in Our Hands, The (A Selection of Children’s Films)

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World in Our Hands, The (A Selection of Children’s Films)

The World in Our Hands (A Selection of Children’s Films) (52 min.)

Join us for a program of award-winning animated short films, each with an inspiring message about caring for the environment. The main character in each film imagines a better world and finds a way to contribute to the greater good with humor, creativity, determination and positive action.

DELIVERY (Germany, 2005, 9 min.) Even small acts of renewal can generate overwhelming power. Directed by Till Nowak.

PAPIROFLEXIA (USA, 2007, 3 min.) A tale of a skillful paper folder who shapes the world with his hands. Directed by Joaquin Baldwin.

MIRO: FLOWER (USA, 2009, 2 min.) A sweet story of friendship and trust. Directed by Andrew Hodges.

ONCE UPON A TIDE (USA, 2008, 10 min.) A young girl’s journey to catch her first glimpse of the ocean and lessons she learns on the way. Directed by Drew Takahashi.

MANANTIAL (THE SPRING) (Mexico, 2008, 4 min.) The story of a boy who rejuvenates a spring his grandmother visited as a child herself. Directed by Gabriel Govela Azuela.

VARMINTS (United Kingdom, 2008, 24 min.) A tale of resistance in the face of recklessness and indifference to the world around us. Directed by Marc Craste.

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National Gallery of Art, East Building Auditorium

Fourth St. & Constitution Ave., NW

(METRO: Archives/Navy Memorial)

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