Washington D.C. Premiere


ALTIPLANO (Belgium / Germany / Netherlands, 2009, 109 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere Set in the breathtaking Peruvian high Andes, this deeply affecting film is both a meditation on the power of the image and a song of protest against the ravages of mercury spills. The film parallels and intertwines the destinies of two strong women. War photographer Grace has just returned from a devastating tour of Iraq only to say farewell to her husband who is working as an eye-surgeon near Turubamba, where village beauty Saturnina is the protector of the Blessed Virgin and is about to marry her beloved Ignacio. When a mercury spill contaminates the area, the villagers direct their outrage at the visiting doctors. Directed by Peter Brosens and Jessica Hope Woodworth.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

$5. Register online at or call 202-399-7993.

Atlas Performing Arts Center, 1333 H St., NE

(Metrobuses: NE, X2)

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