Shown as part of the Food & Agriculture Film Series

FOOD FIGHT (USA, 2008, 73 min.)

When we walk into a supermarket, we assume that we have the widest possible choice of healthy foods. But in fact, over the course of the 20th century, our food system has been co-opted by corporate forces whose interests do not lie in providing the public with fresh, healthy and sustainably produced food. Fortunately for America, an alternative emerged from the counterculture of California in the late 1960s, when a group of political anti-corporate protesters—led by Alice Waters—voiced their dissent by creating a food chain outside of the conventional system. The unintended result was the birth of a vital local-sustainable-organic food movement, which has brought back taste and variety to our tables. Directed by Christopher Taylor. Produced by Christopher Taylor and Mark Rosen.

Introduced by Barbara Roberts, Librarian 11, Business, Science and Technology Division, Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Discussion with filmmaker Christopher Taylor, Bernadine Prince, Co-Director, FRESHFARM Markets, follows screening.

Ticket/Reservation Info:


Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Library, A-5 Auditorium

901 G St., NW

(METRO: Gallery Place/Chinatown)

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