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BAG IT (USA, 2010, 65 min.)

Washington, D.C. Premiere An average guy pledges to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store. Little does he know that this deceptively simple decision will change his life completely. He comes to the conclusion that our consumptive use of plastic has finally caught up with us and investigates what we can do about it. Today. Right now. The film examines our society’s use and abuse of plastic. When we throw something away, where is Away? An overflowing landfill? A clogged river? An island of trash in the middle of our ocean? Perhaps our very own toxic bodies? Chronicling the global production, use and disposal of plastic bags and other plastics, the film documents the environmental consequences of these products, including the effects of plastics on a wide range of species, lands, waterways and oceans. Traveling the world on a fact-finding mission, the film also identifies smart alternatives and solutions. Plastic will never look the same again! Directed by Suzan Beraza. Produced by Suzan Beraza and Michelle Hill.

Introduced by Peter O’Brien, Executive Director, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital. Discussion with filmmaker Suzan Beraza and Davey Rogner, Campaign Coordinator, Pick Up America, follows screening.

Bag It will be screened again on March 9 at 7:00 p.m. on Capitol Hill in association with the Impact Arts + Film Fund, Plastic Pollution Coalition and the Environmental Working Group. The free screening will be followed by a panel discussion with the filmmaker and special guests. For location and information on the event and to RSVP, email

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FREE. No reservations required. However, to register student groups, please contact Maribel Guevara at 202-342-2564 or at

Warner Theatre

513 13th St., NW (corner of 13th & E Sts., NW)

(Metro: Metro Center (12th & F Sts. exit))

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