World Premiere


(c) Arcos Films

SWITCH (USA, 2012, 98 min.)

World Premiere What will it really take to go from the energies that built our world to the energies that will shape our future? Our transportation and housing, food and water, communications, light, heat and cooling – our entire modern life depends on energy. For more than a century, that energy has been mostly provided by oil and coal. With concerns about environmental impact and supply, we’ve begun the shift to energy alternatives. Join Dr. Scott Tinker on a global journey to find out how. In Switch, he explores the world’s leading energy sites, from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, many highly restricted and never before filmed, and gets straight answers from international leaders of government, industry and academia. He investigates the leading issues of energy: If coal is dirty, why do we keep using it? Will oil get more expensive? Will it run out? How risky is hydraulic fracturing? How dangerous is nuclear? What are the biggest challenges, and most promising solutions, to our energy transition? With a keen eye and a balanced perspective, Dr. Tinker unravels complex problems and sidesteps the politics to offer a path to our future that is both surprising and remarkably pragmatic. Directed by Harry Lynch. Produced by Arcos Films.

Welcome to the 20th Anniversary Festival by Peter O’Brien, Executive Director, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital with remarks by Festival sponsors Michael Robinson, Vice President, Sustainability and Global Regulatory Affairs, General Motors and Pamela D. Leftrict, Esq., Verizon State Government Affairs.

Program opening remarks by Peter Fox-Penner, Principal and Chairman, The Brattle Group. Discussion with filmmaker Harry Lynch follows screening.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No reservations required.

Carnegie Institution for Science, Elihu Root Auditorium

1530 P St., NW

(Metro: Dupont Circle)

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital