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REBELLION AT DAWN (AWKA LIWEN) (Argentina, 2010, 77 min.)

The story of the indigenous peoples of northern Argentina at the turn of the 20th century is about the eternal fight for land and the distribution of wealth. The film tells of massacres against native peoples in connection with the theft of their lands by a small, rich minority that divided the property among itself and increased its wealth through large-scale agriculture. The genocide and racism against natives Indians and Gaucho and the theft of their ancestral territories have never been officially recognized or debated until today. Filmed in Chubut, Jujuy, Rio Negro and the Province and City of Buenos Aires, the film explores issues common to Native Americans throughout the hemisphere. In Spanish with English subtitles. Written and narrated by Argentine historian Osvaldo Bayer. Directed by Mariano Aiello & Kristina Hille.

Introduced by Francisco Lopez Achaval, Cutural Attaché, Embassy of Argentina.

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FREE. No registration required.

Embassy of Argentina, 1600 New Hampshire Ave., NW

(METRO: Dupont Circle)

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