Connecting Cultures, Exploring Science

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Connecting Cultures, Exploring Science

Connecting Cultures, Exploring Science

In October 2011, 39 students from Chicago Public Schools and Doha Independent Schools participated in Qatar Foundation International’s cultural exchange trip to Doha, Qatar, in partnership with Alexandra Cousteau’s Blue Legacy Project. During the trip the students worked together on short multimedia shows that captured their experiences and expressed viewpoints on key issues explored during the exchange. Following this face-to-face learning experience, the students used the collaborative online video editing software, WeVideo, to produce and edit more comprehensive films about how water issues connect cultures and challenge their generation to innovate. Several students from Qatar and Chicago will talk about their experiences and show their films. Alexandra Cousteau, Founder and President of Blue Legacy International, will join the students to discuss innovative ways young people can make a difference by leveraging emerging online conversation and media production tools.

Introduced by Maggie Mitchell Salem, Executive Director, Qatar Foundation International. Moderated by Jonathan Smith, Executive Director, Blue Legacy International.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No reservations required.

Sidwell Friends School, Meeting House

3825 Wisconsin Ave., NW

Park in the parking structure at 3845 Wisconsin Ave. directly across Wisconsin Ave. from Rodman St.(Metro: Tenleytown/AU)

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