Student Short Environmental Film Festival

Student Short Environmental Film Festival

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Student Short Environmental Film Festival

THE CAPITAL BUZZ (George Washington University, 2011, 15 min.) Out of sight of local authorities and neighbors, amateur beekeepers are working hard to propagate bees all across Washington, D.C. From rooftops to enclosed porches, these beekeepers’ hives are the hidden armies pollinating the city’s flowers and helping to sustain the threatened honeybee population. This film follows Georgetown resident Jeff Miller as he builds hives, raises bee colonies and advances the growing urban beekeeping movement. Produced by Diana El-Osta and the GWU Documentary Center.

ALIENS AMONG US (American University, 2012, 15 min.) World Premiere The Galapagos Islands are being invaded by a strange alien species, unlike anything ever seen there before. These foreign colonizers have brought mayhem and destruction to this former paradise. But who are these merciless intruders? This short, satirical film lampoons the clichéd conventions of both the traditional nature documentary and sci-fi alien film genres, while calling attention to the perils that unsustainable human development brings to delicate ecosystems worldwide. Directed and produced by Erin Finicane and Tony Azios.

TALKING TRASH IN BALTIMORE (American University, 2012, 5 min.) World Premiere The Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States, is in pretty bad shape. It’s up to the younger generation to help preserve and restore its glory for future generations. This film focuses on young inner city students as they learn how their habits can improve the health of the Baltimore Harbor and by consequence the Chesapeake and surrounding areas. Directed by Kaveh Rezaei. Produced by Amanda Winkler.

MICROBREWERIES, MAXIMUM SUSTAINABILITY (George Washington University, 2011, 3 min.) Did you know that beer could be green? Believing that DC Brau, a local brewery, was the only company reusing their waste, the filmmakers discover that such recycling practices have been around since 1899! A further examination of small craft beer companies illustrates an increased commitment to newer sustainable practices. Directed and produced by Jen Wolfe and Melissa Turley.

FROM FRYER TO FUEL (George Washington University, 2011, 4 min.) In search of energy alternatives, the filmmakers visit the Green Light Biofuels Company in Maryland where vegetable oil is converted into biofuel. This short highlights the method used to turn the fryer oil used to make our french fries into fuel for cars and trucks and illustrates that this new green process is interesting and can really work. Produced by Jordan Petitt and Samantha Lafer.

COFFEE IN CRISIS (George Washington University, 2011, 4 min.) Learn how climate change is affecting the business of a local coffee company and bringing climate change right down to your coffee cup! Directed by Natalie Kornicks and Jon Fenech.

Discussion with student filmmakers including Diana El-Osta, hosted and moderated by Chris Palmer, Director, Center for Environmental Filmmaking, American University, follows screenings.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No reservations required.

American University, Wechsler Theater, Mary Graydon Center

4400 Mass. Ave., NW

(Metro: Metro: Tenleytown/ AU. Shuttle bus service to AU)

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital