Walk on the Beach with MICHELE OKA DONER

Washington D.C. Premiere

Walk on the Beach with MICHELE OKA DONER

(c) Hedrich Blessing 2008

A Walk on the Beach with MICHELE OKA DONER

Two Washington, D.C. Premieres*

The work of internationally renowned artist Michele Oka Doner celebrates the beauty and variety of the natural world, including sea life, plants and the human body. Best-known for her public installations, Doner has major pieces at the Miami International Airport and Reagan National Airport in Washington, where winged insects are embodied in her mosaic, Flight. In this special program, Oka Doner presents two video works: A WALK ON THE BEACH* (USA, 2011, 7 min.) and SOULCATCHERS* (USA, 2012, 4 min.) and discusses the natural forms that inspire her.

A WALK ON THE BEACH is a work of art about a work of art. A journey within a journey. First seen on the 7,000 square foot wall of the New World Center at Miami Art Basel November 30, 2011, it captures the experience of the body moving through the artist’s one and a quarter mile long permanent installation of 9,000 bronzes and mother-of-pearl depicting sea life and the cosmos at the Miami International Airport. A video by Michele Oka Doner.

Like A Walk on the Beach, SOULCATCHERS is a work of art about a work of art. SoulCatchers removes the objects from their intended background so that viewer can see each image in abstraction. The actual SoulCatchers installation is in a repurposed kiln room behind the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, Germany. It consists of approximately 400 unique porcelain objects inhabiting a contained space whose walls still speak of fire, the means of transformation from primal earth to material culture. SoulCatchers is post flame and bears witness. Directed by Michele Oka Doner. 

Ticket/Reservation Info:

Tickets required. Pre-registrations are encouraged. Pre-registration is $8 for Corcoran members and Environmental Film Festival supporters and $10 for the public. Visit the Programs and Events page at www.corcoran.org to register. Tickets are $10 at the door depending on seat availability. For more information, please call 202-639-1770.

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Frances and Armand Hammer Auditorium

500 17th St., NW, New York Ave. entrance.(Metro: Farragut North and Farragut West)

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