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Shown as part of the multi-day, multi-venue Health and the Environment Film Series

SHATTERED SKY (USA, 2012, 55 min.)

World Premiere Thirty years ago, scientists reported a hole in the ozone layer “the size of North America.” The culprits were man-made chemicals called CFCs, which were prevalent in billions of dollars worth of refrigeration, air conditioning and other products that had revolutionized America’s way of life. With doctors forecasting skyrocketing cancer rates if changes weren’t made, the stakes were literally “life as we know it.’” Yet companies remained bitterly opposed to changing their products. Politicians were slow to act. Like with today’s CO2 emissions, an invisible compound was threatening the Earth’s life-support systems, but a solution seemed beyond reach. Eerily reminiscent of today’s energy and climate crisis, Shattered Sky tells the story of how America led the world in solving the biggest environmental crisis ever seen. Directed and produced by Steve Dorst and Dan Evans.

Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church screening: Welcome by Louise White of The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church’s Earth Stewards Task Force. Film introduction and discussion with filmmakers Steve Dorst and Dan Evans.

Carnegie Institution for Science screening: Panel Discussion, moderated by Sunshine Menezes, Executive Director, Metcalf Institute for Marine and Environmental Reporting, University of Rhode Island. Panelists: filmmakers Steve Dorst and Dan Evans and Larry Schweiger, President and CEO of NWF, and Jeff Goodell, author of “How to Cool the Planet” and “Big Coal” and Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone magazine.

Shown with PSSSHT

Ticket/Reservation Info:

7:30 pm, Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church, The Sanctuary

One Chevy Chase Circle, NW

(Parking available along Chevy Chase Parkway in front of the church, and in the church parking lot off Oliver St., NW)

FREE. No reservations required.

3:30 pm, Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carnegie Institution for Science, Elihu Root Auditorium

1530 P St., NW

(Metro: Dupont Circle)

FREE. No reservations required.

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital