Health Shorts Program

Health Shorts Program

(c) Bill Noland

Shown as part of the multi-day, multi-venue Health and the Environment Film Series*

Health Shorts Program

Welcome and short film presentation by Chip Comins, Founder and CEO, American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY) and Ginna Kelly, Vice President, AREDAY and TV host of “The Green Girl.”

LIGHTING THE WAY* (USA, 2011, 15 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere Lighting the Way highlights the story of a young entrepreneur, a Navajo medicine man, and an inventor as they work to bring renewable energy technology to the 1.6 billion energy poor. Like a new growing number of social entrepreneurs, they are paving the way toward a new inclusive and caring economy. Directed and produced by Chris Fauchere. Co-produced by Joyce Johnson.

TOXIC DETROIT* (USA, 2012, 10 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere As the city of Detroit struggles to bring itself back from the brink, the burden of a checkered history continues to weigh on its current residents. One of the daunting problems it must confront is the toxic legacy of unbridled industrial production. Toxic Detroit visualizes some of these problems through views of ravaged landscapes and noxious air. The film’s surreal wasteland belies the optimism and determination of Detroiters themselves. Directed by William Noland.

Introduced by filmmaker William Noland.

THE RIGHT TO BREATHE* (USA, 2011, 20 min.) Seeking to make viewers aware of the health effects of air pollution in Southern California through the compelling stories of individuals, while also inspiring them to take part in air quality solutions, this documentary offers hope. Otana Jakpor, a University of Southern California student, discovers, after a rain, that she can see the mountains from where she lives. Blunt-spoken John Cross, a West Long Beach community activist offers his unique perspective and Marilyn Kamimura describes what it is like to live a mile and a half from the Puente Hills Landfill where one-third of Los Angeles’s trash is dumped. Directed by Alexandre Philippe.

LYSANDER’S SONG (USA, 2012, 25 min.) World Premiere What does the future of the elephant have to do with the future of childhood? Everything. Combining wildlife footage with the concerns and legends of indigenous people in Kenya, the film explores their unique relationships to and with the elephant. Elaborating on the Samburu people’s totem and the unique role the elephant plays in their belief system, Lysander’s Song emphasizes the essential role of the non-human in the human mind and spiritual ecology. The film considers wildlife to be an essential part of our identity. Directed by Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson.

Discussion with Lysander’s Song filmmakers Cyril Christo and Marie Wilkinson follows program.

Ticket/Reservation Info:

FREE. No reservations required.

Carnegie Institution for Science, Elihu Root Auditorium

1530 P St., NW

(Metro: Dupont Circle)

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