Art of Falconry, The

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Art of Falconry, The

(c) Tony Huston

The Art of Falconry

Presented by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology 

A Presentation by Tony Huston

Introduced by Tim Gallagher, Falconer, author of Falcon Fever and Editor-in-Chief of Living Bird magazine, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

A FALCONER’S MEMOIR  (USA, 2000, 56 min.) Nesting high on Bear Butte, peregrine falcons once hunted the skies above the grasslands at its foot and feasted on songbirds, ducks and other fowl. Peregrines take their prey in flight, diving after the birds at fantastic speeds. However, unknown side-effects of agricultural chemicals used in the 1950s and 1960s, especially DDT, left many peregrines unable to reproduce and caused their eggs to have such thin shells that they broke when the parents sat on the nests. Eventually, the peregrines were gone. Falconer, author and environmentalist Dan O’Brien attempts to train three young peregrine falcons at his ranch near Bear Butte, S.D. One of the birds heads for freedom during training; another is destined for a program elsewhere. But a third, named Thelma Louise, remains under O’Brien’s control and becomes the focus of his summer. Together, O’Brien and fellow falconer Erney Hersman prepare Thelma Louise for the hunt. Written by Dan O’Brien. Produced by Dakota Public Television.

Followed by a discussion with falconers Tony Huston and Tim Gallagher, with clips from:

LOOK UP AND WAVE YOUR GLOVE (USA, 2005, clips only) This documentary follows three falconers, including Tony Huston, from their homes in Wyoming up to the remote Montana flats to fly their birds of prey. Their commitment to falconry has in some indirect way affected the most profound life choices of these three men. By Matthew Huston.

The Earth Conservation Corps and Wings Over America will present live birds of prey used in falconry.

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