In Search of Solutions

2013 Films

Washington D.C. Premiere

World Premiere

In Search of Solutions

1:00 PM

Directed by: Various

Venue: Carnegie Institution for Science

In Search of Solutions

Short Films 

Introduced by Pedro Marcos de Castro Saldanha, Counselor, Embassy of Brazil. 

GENESIS: PHOTOGRAPHS BY SEBASTIÃO SALGADO (France, 2012, 20 min.) Shot over the past nine years by award-winning Brazilian documentary photographer Salgado during more than 30 different trips to distant corners of the globe, the black and white photographs projected in Genesis reveal the mountains, deserts and oceans, as well as the animals and peoples of our planet that have escaped the imprint of modern society. By portraying the breath-taking beauty of a “lost” world that survives, Genesis proclaims what is in peril.  Such wonders are to be found in polar circles and tropical rainforests, in wide savannahs and scorching deserts, on glacier-covered mountains and solitary islands. Some regions are too cold or arid for all but the hardiest forms of life, while others are home to animals and ancient tribes whose survival depends on their isolation. Together, they form a stunning mosaic of nature in all its unspoiled grandeur.  Genesis is Sebastião Salgado’s third long-term exploration of global issues, following Workers and Migrations, his examinations of the human toll wrought by radical economic and social change. This time, he is addressing our natural environment, offering a love poem in images to the majesty and fragility of our planet.  Produced by Amazonas images.  Music by Jonathan Elias, from the”Prayer Cycle”. 

THE SECRET OF TREES (USA, 2012, 4 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere What do trees know that we don’t? Thirteen-year-old inventor Aidan has discovered that trees use a mathematical formula to gather sunlight in crowded forests. Now he wonders why we don’t collect solar energy the same way. Directed by Albert Maysles.

GROW DAT YOUTH FARM (USA, 2013, 7 min.) World Premiere A site at New Orleans City Park has been transformed by Tulane City Center and the Tulane School of Architecture to a diversified organic farm cultivated by youth and a farm campus featuring green building innovations for outdoor classrooms, a teaching kitchen, administrative offices and post-harvest handling areas. Directed and produced by Chandra Simon

SONG OF THE SPINDLE (USA, 2011, 5 min.) Washington, D.C. Premiere In this humorous and informative conversation between a sperm whale and a man, each tries to convince the other that his brain is bigger. They discover some surprising things they have in common and the whale offers humankind some sage advice. Written and directed by Drew Christie. 

WHERE WE LIVE: THE CHANGING FACE OF CLIMATE ACTIVISM (USA, 2011, 10 min.) Organized grassroots movements, one of the fastest-growing and most effective forces combating climate change, are highlighted in this documentary.   Centering around efforts to overturn California’s historic global warming legislation, the film highlights how community organizations and networks throughout the state played a crucial role in mobilizing the vote in immigrant and low income communities to defeat Proposition 23. Directed and written by Mark Decena. Produced by Liz Decena.

CityStories Series 

Winners from the Siemens CityStories for Sustainability Film Project 

This project features ten next generation filmmakers selected from around the world and mentored by Academy Award-winning director Davis Guggenheim to make films about sustainability in their cities. 

MUMBAI – THE RUBBER BAND BALL (India, 2012, 5 min.)  A boy looks for open space to play as the city encroaches.  Directed by Mohit Chhabra

JOHANNESBURG – GROWING HOPE (South Africa, 2012, 5 min.)  Hope grows in a community garden in an abandoned school in Soweto. Directed by Wiseman Mabusela


RIO – THIS FILM IS ABOUT . . .  (Brazil, 2012, 5 min.)  Creating energy from waste in Rio.  Directed by Eduardo Hunter Moura 


SUSTAINABLE SYDNEY 2030: A CITY WITH TWO VOICES (Australia, 2012, 5 min.) The mayor of Sydney and a radio talk-show host debate the city’s sustainability initiative. Directed by Daniel Jameison.

Introduced by Alison Taylor, Head of Sustainability in the US, Siemens Corporation. 

Ticket/Reservation Info: 

FREE. No reservations required.

Carnegie Institution for Science

Elihu Root Auditorium

1530 P St., NW 

(Metro: Dupont Circle)

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