Carnegie Institution for Science

The Carnegie Institution for Science is a beautiful historic landmark nestled between Dupont Circle and Logan Circle in the heart of Washington, D.C.  Its neoclassical Sixteenth Street façade lends to the grandeur of one of the most prominent thoroughfares in the city.

Completed in 1908 as the administrative building for Andrew Carnegieв’s intuition for discovery, the facility still houses staff dedicated to furthering the philanthropistв’s mission.В  In addition to the headquarters building, the Institution maintains six research departments located across the country responsible for countless contributions to various scientific fields.

For decades, the Institution has been sharing its research through public lecture series held in our beautiful auditorium.В  Added to the building in 1938, the auditorium seats up to 400 guests and maintains its original deco design and colorful mural spanning the entire room.В  The space is popular for lectures, film screenings, award ceremonies, and graduations.

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