Embassy of Austria

The Embassy of Austria was built on a 1.14-acre plot in Northwest Washington and officially opened its doors to the public on October 26, 1991. The three-story edifice was designed by the Washington architect Leopold Boeckl, who is the son of the famous Austrian painter and sculptor Herbert Boeckl.

In-doors, the Embassy comprises 52,000 square feet. The most striking feature of the building is a 5,000-square-foot sky-lit atrium in the center of the edifice, which serves as an auditorium for cultural events and offers enough space to accommodate approximately 400 people. The multi-purpose room next to the auditorium can accommodate another 150 people, and is often used during film screenings. In addition to the plethora of cultural events organized by the Austrian Cultural Forum, the Embassy welcomes groups of students from all over the United States several times a year to introduce them to Austrian culture, history, and politics.

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