Royal Netherlands Embassy

Embassy of the Netherlands

The Netherlands might be a small country in Northern Europe, but we have had a large impact on the world with our revolutionizing inventions, scientific discoveries, works of art, and engineering feats.

With two-thirds of our nation at or below sea level, we had to innovate to survive, so we created smart solutions and modern wonders to keep out water. We then applied this engineering prowess to other aspects of Dutch life, for example, the development of a bicycling transportation system that resulted in our nation having more bicycles than people.

We have also been an important ally of and trading partner with the United States for more than 400 years. Our partnership has created jobs, sound investments, and promising opportunities. The trade of goods and services between the US and the Netherlands tops nearly $90 billion a year.

The economic ties between the two countries support 685,000 American jobs, which is enough to employ all the active members of the US Army or residents of Washington, D.C. Simply put, the US and the Netherlands have a relationship that works.

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