Volunteer FAQ

If you have any additional questions about volunteering, please e-mail us at volunteer@envirofilmfest.org. В To apply to the EFF Volunteer Program, complete our application.

  1. What are the possible volunteer opportunities during the festival?Most of our festival volunteers assist EFF staff at each film screening by handing out printed programs, tracking attendance, and providing general event assistance. Additional festival volunteers act as photographers, social media correspondents, media assistants and office representatives.

  2. What is the required commitment to volunteer during the Festival?Volunteers are required to sign up for a minimum of five (5) screening events. Other Festival volunteers on special assignments sign up for a minimum of 15 hours of service for this year’s Festival. Some of these volunteers begin as early as March 1.

  3. What is the time commitment for a screening assignment?

    Volunteers arrive at least 45 minutes prior to a screening and generally also assist our venue partners following the program. Depending upon the film length and any speakers or discussion following, a volunteer can typically expect to spend from 2-4 hours at each event. You should ensure you are comfortable being on your feet for fairly long periods of time without sitting down.

  4. How are my Festival assignments made?

    Volunteers selected for the 2015 team will be asked to submit their preferences for a minimum of five (5) screening events. We do our best to accommodate volunteers’ schedules in filling screenings needs. Final assignments will be distributed at the Volunteer Orientation Meeting in early March.

  5. EFF is such a great organization that I’d love to help out all year. Can I?

    what is the best organization to donate a car?

    Yes! EFF is a year-round endeavor that holds film screenings and special events throughout the year. In addition to assisting with these events, volunteers can work with EFF staff in a number of key areas, such as Fundraising, Public relations, Media Production, Administration, and Programming (reviewing films for consideration in the festival).

  6. What is the time commitment as a year-round volunteer?

    Year-round volunteers generally commit to a minimum of 25 hours outside of March. This group of volunteers in invited to the April Volunteer Thank You event, and may be included in other events during the year. They also receive an EFF volunteer t-shirt.

  7. What benefits will I get from Volunteering?

    In addition to being a part of one of the coolest events in DC, all volunteers who successfully complete their assignments are invited to attend a special Volunteer Thank You event shortly after the Festival ends. Free food and drink, plus gifts and surprises are in store. In addition, you will automatically qualify to join next year’s Festival Volunteer crew.

  8. How do I find out if I’m accepted as a Festival Volunteer?

    Volunteers accepted for the 2015 Festival will be notified in February. You will be required to attend a Volunteer Orientation (1 hour) in early March, before receiving your final Festival assignments.

  9. When is the Volunteer Orientation Meeting and what happens at this meeting?

    We schedule two options for volunteers to attend an orientation meeting early in March, about two weeks before the Festival’s Opening Day. During the one hour (or less) briefing, volunteers will receive their t-shirt, badge, Festival assignments and instructions for completing assignments. A number of EFF staff members and the Volunteer Coordinator will be on hand to review the materials and answer any questions volunteers might have.

  10. What if I miss the Volunteer Orientation Meeting?

    It is vitally important that all volunteers make their best effort to attend. If not, volunteers should make arrangements to pick up their volunteer packet as soon as possible after the meeting, from the EFF office. Your final schedule and all materials should be reviewed right away and any questions directed immediately to the Volunteer Coordinator.

  11. Will I see the films when I volunteer?

    Seats are not guaranteed and cannot be reserved for volunteers or their guests. We make every attempt for volunteers to see the film screenings they are working. Generally, open seats can be taken by volunteers within the starting minutes of the film.

  12. How do I cancel my Volunteer Application?

    If you are unable to serve as a volunteer, please notify the EFF office immediately via email, volunteer@envirofilmfest.org.

  13. What if I have to cancel a volunteer assignment during the Festival?

    Each screening event depends on the group of assigned volunteers, but we understand emergencies do arise. Volunteers are expected to immediately call or text the assigned EFF representative. We hope volunteers will provide at least 4-6 business hours notice, so we can attempt to fill the vacancy at the screening. For example, call or text before noon if you cannot attend an evening screening!

    Please note that “unexcused” absences from assigned screenings will affect your status as a Festival volunteer.

  14. What should I wear at Festival screenings and at other EFF events?

    In general, clean, comfortable and neat attire is suitable for our venues and other Festival assignments. Volunteers are expected to wear their official Festival t-shirt to all assigned screenings, along with their name badge. We understand variable March weather, and some venues can be chilly—So long sleeve shirts under your EFF t-shirt are fine, as are open sweaters, jackets, etc. Other Festival volunteers will be told if their t-shirts are necessary for a particular assignment.

  15. Does my volunteer badge give me access to screenings I’m not working at?

    Festival volunteers are welcome to attend any screenings at the Festival, but NEITHER your badge NOR t-shirt provides ANY special access.

    If an event is ticketed, you must purchase a ticket in advance. If reservations are required, you must sign up as instructed in the program. If it is a first-come, first seated program, you must line up with the other audience members.

  16. I want to see other films during the Festival—Any advice?

    As soon as the EFF program goes live on the website, usually in late January or early February, make your selections and secure your tickets and/or reservations early. Many screenings are sold out or fully reserved in the first few weeks. If it is a first-come, first-seated program, we encourage you to arrive early. Many audience members will start lining up more than 30 minutes before screenings, depending upon the film showing and size of the venue.

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